Past Customers & Recently Acquired


Our company re-establishes the human connection by calling the people you don't have time to.   

Our people will uncover new opportunities for traditional and non-traditional businesses.  

We reconnect you with your past customers and if you're growing by acquisition, we introduce you to your new ones. 

If you're not calling them, or we're not calling them, someone else is. 


Warm and Professional


Our friendly telephone people are based in Nova Scotia. 

We use a flexible conversational approach.

We take your success very personally.

We accept short-term and long-term clients.


When we uncover new opportunities, and we will - everyone wins.  

Accounting Firms, Veterinary Clinics, Industrial Equipment, Post Secondary Education, Physiotherapy Clinics, Truck Sales and Service, Farm Equipment, Aviation, Marine, Recently Acquired Shareholders and Scientific Products.  


We offer a very simple inexpensive trial period.

The trial period gives both of us a chance to see what works, what doesn't, and your database gets cleaned up.

Everything is measurable - our clients get a written report of every call we make.

Great businesses are driven by great customer experiences and having us call them will pay huge dividends.

If you are walking past rows of old filing cabinets, stacks of business cards from trade shows, or servers full of past customers - We can reconnect you.  


Common Scenario 

Prospective Client: "We love the idea, but we're a bit concerned about having someone else calling our customers."

Tufford: "Chances are, you're not calling them anyway."

Client (smiling): "Sadly you're right, let's try this out with a few and see what happens." 


Two weeks later, the client requested we slow down the calling because they were swamped with "new" business from past clients. Turns out, people enjoyed getting a real call from a real person from a business they knew and trusted years before.




How It Works

Give us a call or email us.

We would be delighted to share some of our other case studies and success and we'll answer all your questions.

If you like what we've done for other companies and industries, we can set up a simple trial period.

At the end of the trial period we'll provide you with a very detailed report that includes a comment log of every call we made, hot leads we sent you in real time, red flags if any, and an evaluation of the campaign.

If our mutually agreed upon efforts move your numbers in the right direction, you can either stay on the current scope or we customize a monthly or seasonal program.

There are no surprises ever.

And, we only represent ONE company per industry in a given trading area.


Contact Us & Rediscover Your Own Customers


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