Waverley, Nova Scotia

What We Do

The best customer you can find, is the one you already have.

With today’s technology, we are the most connected we have been in human history, but at the same time we’re more disconnected than ever before.

Our company makes warm friendly follow-up calls for companies that don’t have the time, staff or courage to consistently make themselves.

Chances are you have file cabinets, boxes, stacks of business cards and servers full of past and potential customers someone should be reaching out to.

What would happen if someone called them all?

Almost everyone appreciates the value of good follow-up. However, many companies discover that finding the time, staff or resources to do it consistently, continues to be a challenge.

This is where we come in.

As relationship builders who understand the incredible power of a warm friendly voice, we gently bridge the gap between our clients and their customers.  

When your customers hear from “you” it builds lifelong loyalty and encourages repeat business.

Our Services

Database Clean-Up & Updates

By contacting past clients we are able to update addresses and phone numbers, collect emails and identify which files are no longer viable. Managing duplicate files is also a big part of the database clean-up, merging these records into one makes the database more effective and easier to use.

Digitising Files

If your business has a large collection of customer files in banker boxes and filing cabinets stacked around your office, we can help digitize them. We collect and compile all the data and give it back to you in a format you can use.

Customer Follow Up

Following up with your customers helps identify customer service issues and opportunities. It also helps build longer lasting relationships which makes the customer think of you first the next time.

Identifying Customer Needs

When we call on our clients behalf we use a friendly conversation based approach to get the information our client requires, in that conversation we are able to identify opportunities where our clients may be able to assist their customers once again.

Investor Relations Support

We provide investor relations support for a variety of publicly traded clients. Industry experience and appropriate international call lists available for multiple industries. Sometimes just getting your stock symbol added to watch lists can pay big dividends as your news is released. We also help with roadshow planning and AGMs.

Merger and Acquisition

If you have acquired a competitor or book of business, we share the news of the combination or takeover to ensure everyone feels appreciated and more customers are retained. We can also quickly deploy a Rapid Response Team for a sudden influx of inbound calls due to a major press release or explosive news story.