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It Just Takes a Phone Call

Sorting, Organizing, and Updating Contact Lists.

We Update Contact Lists, One Call at a Time.

With over a million calls behind us, we’ve gotten pretty good at it.

Beyond Sorting and Organizing

We actively involve your diverse connections, breathing life into your contact list. We reaffirm their connection to your company, ensuring updated contact preferences for future communication.

Seeing Beyond Data

In our approach, we don’t just see data; we recognize the individuals behind it. When a person truly feels like they are a part of your company, their inclination to make purchases grows, their loyalty endures even during difficult times, and they become enthusiastic advocates, recommending your company to others.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Amid mergers and acquisitions, people are often forgotten. Failing to engage the newly amalgamated list and include them in the transition can result in customer dispersion. Surprisingly, some of the most valuable customers acquired during this process might be the ones you’ve recently obtained.

Data, the Modern Treasure Trove

Comparable to precious metals, accurate data holds immense value for businesses. However, skilled miners are crucial for extraction. We fulfill this role, not only ensuring accurate contact information but also uncovering renewed opportunities that empower your company’s growth.

Data Precision

Precision matters in marketing. Inaccurate customer information can lead to missed opportunities.

Data Hygiene

Strengthen your defenses against cyber threats by fortifying your contact data. Update and safeguard your information to potentially deter unauthorized access and data breaches.

Moral Responsibility

Beyond operational efficiency, maintaining accurate customer data is an ethical duty that prevents distress, such as sending mail to deceased loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

We Love to Answer

What industries do you serve?

The dirty secret of the digital revolution is, everyone has a list, and everyone's list is filled with errors. We update contact lists for a wide variety of private and public companies, clinics, unions, associations, memberships, and more. If you have a list, we can update it.

Will you share our customer lists with other clients or third-party companies?

Absolutely NOT. We work with several TSX and NYSE listed companies where confidentiality and legal protocol is paramount. We hold ourselves to those same high standards with all our clients even if no legal or regulatory requirement exists.

What will we get back?

We give you an organized contact list with updated details, comprehensive analytical reports, and insights, including contact removal suggestions due to reasons like passing away, opting out, or duplicates. Additionally, we offer detailed analytics for LinkedIn posts shared on your behalf.

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