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Let us tell you all about…us.  

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We bend over backwards for our clients.

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A few things we’re great at

We specialize in reconnecting companies with their clients, but that’s not all we do.

Customer Follow Up

The biggest thing in keeping your customers is building relationships and you do that by keeping in touch.  We can keep the conversation going by simply calling your customers for you.

Merger & Acquisition

When a businesses merges we call their customers to tell them the good news.  We let them know about any changes that might affect them and make sure they feel welcome in the new business.

Database Clean Up

Old files cluttering up your office? Duplicate or out dated information clogging up your computers?  We can help with that.

Identifying Customer Needs

Every time we pickup the phone it is an opportunity to identify ways your customers may be able to use your help.


Too Many Files

Imagine a company that’s been in business for over forty years.  Now imagine that same company has gone through a few office administrators over that time, each one had their own way of organizing the files.  This was one of the client we were trying to help.


Their data was spread over multiple spreadsheets.  This meant that any repeat business was input multiple times, sometimes under different spouses.


Our job was to combine all these spreadsheets, merging duplicates entries along the way. This is easier said than done when working with over ten thousand records.


Even though their customers were recorded multiple times, there was still data in each record that needed to be preserved.


Once all the data was cleaned up, we built a user friendly database for the client to keep all their records in one place and easily searchable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t be shy to ask us questions, here’s what some people already wanted to know…

Are you going to provide the same service to my competitors as well?
NO. We only deal with ONE COMPANY per industry within a given trading area. We will NOT take another store in your trading area.

Do you work with companies other than my particular industry?
YES. We work with just about any relationship based industry that maintains a customer database. 

Will you share our customer lists with other clients or third-party companies?

Absolutely NOT. We work with several TSX and NYSE listed companies where confidentiality and legal protocol is paramount. We hold ourselves to those same high standards with all our clients even if no legal or regulatory requirement exists. 

Talking Points

There are always new and interesting things happening at Tufford Group.  Maybe it’s a new client we are excited to tell everyone about or maybe just an idea we want to share, you can find all those stories and more here.

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