Waverley, Nova Scotia

It Just Takes a Phone Call

Sorting, Organizing, and Updating Contact Lists.

Our Story

We LOVE what we do.

What We Do

We Update Contact Lists.

Getting Started

It's easy. Let us show you how.

We Update Contact Lists, One Call at a Time.

With over a million calls behind us, we’ve gotten pretty good at it.

We Don't Just Sort and Organize

We engage your stakeholders and transform your contact list into living data. We reconfirm their interest in your company, and we update how they wish to be contacted moving forward.

We See People, Not Data

A person who feels part of the company tends to buy more, sticks around when times are tough and recommends your company to others.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Most shareholders didn't ask for the M or the A.
If someone doesn't reach out to the newly combined list, and make them feel part of the process, many will scatter. The best shareholders you can find, might be the ones you just acquired.

Data is the New Precious Metal

But you need experienced miners. We simply touch base, update their contact information and send you the renewed opportunities.


Sixty Years of Contacts

Imagine a company that had been in business for sixty years. They had thousands of Contacts carefully stored in file cabinets, banker boxes, and servers. Dozens of office administrators over that time, each one with their own way of organizing those files.



After sixty years, you can imagine how many versions of contact lists our new client had accumulated. From old versions of Excel to dusty banker boxes, we got to see it all. 


Even before we picked up the phone, part of our job was to merge all their spreadsheets, paper contacts, and old business cards into a format people could actually use. 


We identified over 300 customers with the same name at the same location. One of them had been entered as a new customer 74 times. Several were no longer alive.


After we finished contacting and updating their list, we provided them with awesome Reports and a user friendly database to keep all their important contacts in one place that was easily searchable.

Frequently Asked Questions

We Love to Answer

What industries do you serve?

The dirty secret of the digital revolution is, everyone has a list, and everyone's list is filled with errors. We update Contact lists for a wide variety of private and public companies, clinics, unions, associations, memberships, and more. If you have a list, we can update it.

What Contact Lists do you update?

Our clients tend to have two lists. The “super-private” and the "everyone else list." The everyone else list often includes hundreds or thousands of contacts, shareholders, business cards, or past company lists our clients have accumulated over the years. This is where we shine.

Will you share our customer lists with other clients or third-party companies?

Absolutely NOT. We work with several TSX and NYSE listed companies where confidentiality and legal protocol is paramount. We hold ourselves to those same high standards with all our clients even if no legal or regulatory requirement exists.

Talking Points

We’re not Robots. We’re good people who love what we do.

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