There are many articles and blogs out there that tell you how to stay in touch with your customers, but not many that tell you why you should.  Perhaps this is because most people think everyone should see the value in it, unfortunately that isn’t always the case.

I recently read a really good LinkedIn article by Lisa Schneegans, called “Eight Reasons to Stay in Touch with Existing Customers”.  In the article, one benefit she identifies is exactly what we’ve been saying for years; happy customers will come back and they’ll bring their friends.

Contacting customers personally is the best way to build the relationship and keep them happy, but for some companies, that just isn’t possible.  Yes it should be a priority, but when there are so many other pressing matters vying for your attention, often this gets put aside.  Luckily there is another option.  Companies like the Tufford Group are able to help.  We use a friendly conversation based approach when contacting customers in order to continue building the relationship on your behalf.