Waverley, Nova Scotia

About Us

Tufford Group is a family-owned and operated professional follow-up firm located in Waverley, Nova Scotia.  We specialize in outbound telephone campaigns that reconnect businesses and organizations with current and past relationships, using a friendly, conversation based approach.

Many businesses and organizations have contact lists that contain incomplete or completely missing information. Even the most organized teams are constantly faced with an ever-changing list of contacts.  While CRM Software can identify duplicates, no program can tell you if the person is still alive, still wants to be contacted, or still has interest in your product or service.

Do you have twenty individual Jim Smiths, or is it the same Jim Smith who was entered twenty times?

Our primary objective is to simply update contact information and merge duplicates; however our callers often uncover new opportunities for our clients to develop.

We clean up databases one gentle phone call at a time.