Waverley, Nova Scotia

About Us

About Tufford Group
Our Journey and Commitment

Our Beginnings: A Personal Partnership
Founded in 2011 by Sean Tufford, a seasoned senior officer and registered insider for various publicly traded companies, and Kristie Kelly, his life partner and business collaborator, Tufford Group emerged as a family-owned and operated professional follow-up firm in Waverley, Nova Scotia. Our roots are steeped in a steadfast commitment to rekindling relationships through personalized, conversation-based outbound telephone campaigns.

Navigating Contact Lists with Care
Making Connections in a Digital Age
In today’s digital landscape, contact lists can be overwhelming, especially when confronted with gaps and incomplete information. While CRM Software might identify duplicates, it often falls short in determining whether contacts are still reachable, engaged, or interested in dialogue. This is precisely where Tufford Group thrives, offering a unique blend of expertise and personal touch.

Our Core Mission: Elevating Relationships
Going Beyond the Basics
At Tufford Group, our primary mission goes beyond simply updating contact information and merging duplicates. We’re dedicated to uncovering hidden growth opportunities for our clients through meaningful interactions. By diving deep into each contact, we ensure that your relationships are nurtured and enhanced, driving tangible business value.

Behind Tufford Group: A Handpicked Team
A Journey Not Without Challenges
Our journey has been a testament to determination and resilience, navigating the complexities that often come with running a business. Just like any venture, we’ve encountered our fair share of challenges. However, it’s our commitment to excellence and authenticity that has garnered us a devoted following. Every interaction with us is like welcoming a new member to our extended family.

Genuine Connections in a Digital Age
Personal Touch in an AI World
In an era dominated by artificial intelligence, engaging with real people who genuinely care has become a rarity. At Tufford Group, authenticity is our hallmark. Our unique approach has even led people to ask us if we’re robots – and we’re proud to say that we’re not. It’s our genuine interactions that set us apart and resonate with our clients.

A Commitment to Your Connections
Updating Contact Lists, One Person at a Time
Our promise is simple yet impactful: to update contact lists one person at a time. We’re here to support you in rebuilding and reinvigorating the connections that hold significance for your business. At Tufford Group, it’s not just about business – it’s about fostering meaningful relationships that stand the test of time.