Waverley, Nova Scotia

About Us

With today’s technology, we are the most connected we have been in human history, but at the same time we’re the most disconnected than any ever before.

Our company has been making calls to past customers for various companies that didn’t have the time, expertise or courage to make themselves since 1998.

Our clients provide a list of past customers no one may have spoken to in years.

Not rocket science – but when you’re good at it, it works like crazy.

We uncover new business faster than any other marketing means on the planet.

Almost no one picks up the phone anymore – we do, we prove it, and it works.

When we uncover new opportunities, and we will – everyone wins. 

We have experience with a variety of industries including Accounting Firms, Veterinary Clinics, Industrial Equipment, Post Secondary Education, Physiotherapy Clinics, Truck Sales and Service, Farm Equipment, Aviation, Marine, Recently Acquired Shareholders and Scientific Products + lots of unique family businesses.

Everything is measurable – our clients get a written report on every call we make.

Great businesses are driven by great customer experiences and having us call them will pay huge dividends.

If you are walking past rows of old filing cabinets, stacks of business cards from tradeshows or servers full of past customers – We can reconnect you.