Waverley, Nova Scotia

Getting Started

Getting Started

with Tufford Group

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  1. Stepping onto the Path
    • Signing the Agreement
    • Confirming Payment
  2. Building Bridges Through Communication
    • Providing a Dedicated Email Account
    • Sharing Your Contact List
  3. Crafting Your Brand Voice
    • Collaborating on Communication Scripts
    • Aligning with Your Brand Identity
  4. Reaching New Heights
    • Streamlining Customer Engagement
    • Maximizing Benefits
  5. Ready to Take the First Step?
    • Contact Us to Begin Your Ascent

Moving Forward Together: The Next Steps in Our Collaborative Journey

We are eagerly anticipating the start of the project.  Our journey will begin by refining the customer list, addressing conspicuous duplicates and meticulously identifying less apparent ones for further scrutiny. Our aim will be to ensure the precise placement of each piece of information, upholding a consistent and orderly format.

This refined customer list will serve as the foundation for constructing a dedicated database. Through this dynamic database, we will record the insights gathered while interacting with your customers. As we proceed, this very database will become the tool that drives the creation of comprehensive reports, outlining our efforts and the outcomes achieved. Moreover, our LinkedIn presence will be active – we will be posting on your behalf, accompanied by a thorough analytics report illustrating the posts’ reception.

From enhancing customer details to crafting a robust database and delivering informative reports, our approach will blend professionalism with friendliness, ensuring a successful journey throughout the project.