Waverley, Nova Scotia

Getting Started

Everyone Organization has the Same Problem

Contact lists full of incorrect or completely missing information.  

Various lists full of random names from trade shows, meetings, trips, lunches, events, networking sessions, social media, and other sources.  Proudly stored and cared for, but admittedly, a mess. This is where we come in. 

Every organization has this problem, because people don’t sit still.  They move, they change jobs, they get promoted, their business gets sold, they change emails, cell phones, they retire, and they pass away. 

Storing thousands of names in a database has little value if you don’t even know who’s still alive.   

Data is the new precious metal. We are the experienced miners.

Our people provide a warm friendly voice that re-engages hundreds of thousands of relationships a year.

For a detailed information package, please contact: Sean@tuffordgroup.com or call (902) 818-8807