Waverley, Nova Scotia

Referral Program

Strong Recommendations Drive 95% of our Business.

The “dirty little secret” of the digital revolution is, everyone’s list is a mess.

Most company contact lists are full of incorrect or completely missing information.

People move, they get promoted, they change jobs, they change email, they change their phone numbers, they retire.  They pass away.

Over time coveted lists become a complete disaster.

Guaranteed, you know someone who would love what we do.

Our company is actively seeking friendly introductions, from anyone, anywhere in North America.

What we do for our clients is incredibly valuable and we’re looking to expand in a big way but we can’t do it alone.

You can do the work of two men, but you cannot be two men. –  Lee Iacocca

It just takes a phone call. You don’t have to sell it.  All we need is an introduction.   No big sales pitch from you…or from us.  We simply follow up, tell them what our company can do for them and the rest is up to them.

This is a perfect opportunity for a retired person, or for anyone who likes the idea of a residual income that doesn’t require a lot of time.