Waverley, Nova Scotia

What We Do

The best customer you can find is the one you already have.

A customer database the backbone of any business. It’s a place to keep track of past, present and potential customers.  It can be used for targeted advertising, sourcing new opportunities and tracking sales.   

Unfortunately the value of an up-to-date customer database is sometimes underappreciated until it’s needed.  Then the reality of updating customer information or building a database from old paper files or outdated software can be overwhelming for a company that doesn’t have the skills, manpower or time for this type of project.

We don’t just sort and organize. We make phone calls.
We engage your customers and transform your files into living data.

We understand the importance of making a customer feel valued. A valued customer will purchase more, comes back even after a long absence, and recommends you to others.

While updating customer information is the objective, it needs to be done within a framework of building and maintaining relationships. Accuracy won’t matter if the customer is dissatisfied.

They pitch. We listen.

It’s not a sales call. It’s not a robotic questionnaire. It’s allowing customers a voice; gathering their input; and having it makes a difference.

Every conversation is an opportunity to discover a new sales lead, identify a problem, devise a solution, or simply keep your company name top-of-mind

Our Services

Investor Relations Support

We provide investor relations support for a variety of publicly traded clients. We also clean and update shareholder and subscriber lists.

Customer Follow Up

Following up with your customers helps identify customer service issues and opportunities while also letting the customer know you value their opinion and business. Making a customer feel valued; builds loyalty and turns into repeat business and referrals.

Digitising Files

Building a database can sometimes precede cleaning it up. Old paper files or even bundles of business cards can be used to create a new customer database or even be added to an existing one.

Identifying Customer Needs

Our friendly approach encourages conversation with the customers. This open dialog often brings to light the customer’s current needs for sales, service or issue resolution.

Data Clean-Up & Analytics

Data clean-up includes duplicate management and contact information updating, as well as allowing an opportunity to confirm customers interest. Customized analytics include business status classification, customer feedback and more, for a better understanding of customers and their needs.

Merger and Acquisition

If you have acquired a competitor or book of business, we share the news of the combination or takeover to ensure everyone feels appreciated and more customers are retained.