Waverley, Nova Scotia

What We Do

We Clean Up Contact Databases One Gentle Phone Call at a Time

An up-to-date Contact database is the backbone of your business. Every department relies on it. It is literally the life blood of every organization.  Yet the average list we receive is 60% completely incorrect. This is what we fix.

We transform your Contact Lists into living data you can actually use.

The value of an up-to-date contact database is underappreciated until it’s needed.  Suddenly, the reality of updating contacts from servers, paper files, business cards or outdated software can be overwhelming for a company that doesn’t have the skills, manpower or time for this type of project.

We find out who's still alive, who's still in business, who remembers you, and who wants an update.

Accumulating thousands of names in a database has little value if no one ever contacts them.

A valued customer or shareholder sticks around, purchases more, returns even after a long absence, and recommends your company to others. While updating contact information is the objective, it needs to be done within a framework of building and maintaining relationships.

Accuracy won’t matter if the person is dissatisfied. They pitch. We listen.

It’s not a sales call. It’s not a robotic questionnaire. It’s allowing customers a voice; gathering their input; and having it makes a difference. Every conversation is an opportunity to provide an update, renew a relationship, identify a problem, or simply keep your company name top-of-mind.

Our Trusted Services

Shareholder & Subscriber Lists

We update shareholder and subscriber lists for public companies. Most IR professionals do not have time to make 1000’s of individual outreaches. Our warm calls provide a quick update, answer a few questions, reconfirm contact information, and forward opportunities back to our clients. Considering less than 8% of shareholders have ever received a telephone call from a company they invested in, it's not surprising that our calls are incredibly well-received. Our calls solidify holds and generate renewed interest in the company.

Customer Retention & Retrieval

We update customer lists for a large variety of industries and associations. From small businesses to major corporations. Our calls are incredibly effective, because we're calling people you have already done business with. Our friendly staff re-engage customers you long forgot about, generate new sales opportunities, and identify any service issues. Making a customer feel valued; builds loyalty and creates repeat business and referrals.

Digitizing Files

Not all lists come from Excel. Some of our clients send us boxes filled with old-school paper files, elastic-wrapped business cards, and even draw tickets from random conferences. We digitize the contacts into a format our clients can actually use, and we reach out to the ones our clients want contacted. Some of our best “new business” success stories have come from old dusty banker boxes.

Where is my Favorite CEO?

Some of our individual clients have amassed large personal contact lists over the course of their careers. One of our most unique, most enjoyable services, is letting their past connections know where their favorite contact has landed. These calls are fun, incredibly well-received and they often add 1000’s of “new” contacts to an existing database.

Awesome Reports & Analytics

Our system generates amazing reports. We let our clients know who is still in business, who is deceased, who the new primary contacts might be, as well as capturing a myriad of additional intelligence our clients may be looking for. Our approach and reports are fully customizable and may include business status classification, customer feedback and much more.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Acquired customers/shareholders are the most overlooked element of any business combination. If “someone” doesn’t call and share all the wonderful reasons why they’re going to love being part of the new company, many of those relationships will scatter. (possibly all of them.) We make very gentle telephone call to update their contact information, and make them feel part of the process and appreciated.
"Why didn't someone call me?" Is answered with, "that is why we're calling," and everyone smiles.